Getting started


Roboception’s URCap is working with software 3.12.0 or newer for CB series, and 5.6.0 or newer for E-series. In case you are running an older software version, please update your controller (files can be downloaded from the UR website:


Roboception’s URCap is internally communicating with the daemon on port 49285. In the unlikely event that it causes a conflict with a URCap from a different vendor, please contact Roboception support.

Roboception’s ItemPick Bundle for Universal Robots contains everything required to calibrate the robot and the rc_visard , and start your first program. The bundle is sold in two versions: with or without a RandomDot Projector.

The basic bundle consists of:

The kit including the projector consists of:

Software installation

  1. Download the URCap from Roboception’s download page
  2. Copy the URCap file to a USB flash drive
  3. Insert the USB drive into the USB port of the teach pendant or robot controller
  4. On the Welcome screen of the PolyScope Robot User Interface press the Setup Robot button first and then press the URCaps Setup button
  5. Click on the + button to install a new URCap application
  6. Navigate to the rc_visard_urcap file by clicking on your USB drive and selecting it. Confirm the selection by clicking on Open
  7. Reboot the controller

After rebooting the robot, the rc_visard_urcap application should be marked by a green tick in the URCaps Setup window (see Fig. 58).


Fig. 58 Successfully installed rc_visard URCap.

Connect the sensor

You can connect the rc_visard directly to the ethernet port of the Universal Robot controller, or through a network switch. During setup, it is recommended to establish a connection via switch, since some parts of the rc_visard interface are not fully duplicated in URCap and are only available through the Web GUI. It might be necessary to use an external PC to configure the rc_visard or its software modules.

Detailed instructions about network setup can be found in Network configuration tutorial.

  1. Connect the rc_visard to the same network as the robot controller
  2. Enable networking in PolyScope
  3. In the installation node, set the IP address of the rc_visard


A Link-Local address might change after reboot, therefore, we recommended assigning a static IP address or using a DHCP server for network configuration.


Fig. 59 Sample setup. The robot has established a connection to rc_visard and displays status information, rectified left image, and depth image.