Generic rc_visard node

This tutorial shows how to use the generic rc_visard node to control the rc_visard sensor and the corresponding software modules. The rc_visard node is the most flexible way to receive data from rc_visard sensor. You can use up to three rc_visards with the generic node.

Select sensor

Select which sensor to use. The sensor ip and name can be configured in the installation node.


Select module

Select software module, either ItemPick, BoxPick or Common. ItemPick and BoxPick nodes offer functionality to tirgger the corresponding services. The common module is used for setting parameters.


Select function

Select function for the module. The available functions depend on the selected module.


Configure action

After you have selected sensor, module and function a subpanel appears that enables you to set parameters, trigger computation or receive data.


Fig. 65 Sample of compute grasp function in itempick module..